The humans arrived late that evening, they wished each other a good night and conveniently ignored my imploring plight for food (fuck’em) and so I watched them march upstairs with my tail held high, their voices slowly subsiding to the silence of the night. I began contemplating the day when they will give me their full attention and bow down to me. However, I’m not alone; in the foggy mist of the room there is something; something that looks at me from time to time, a penetrating shine that pierces my eyes; It’s smell invigorates me and I loath for the day that I can get close to it and clasp it’s small silky body into my jaws, oh yes…It will be puuuuuuurfect…

Tomorrow will a great day; human n03 is quite fond of it and I heard her say that she will be cleaning its home and putting it in the sink for the time being; I’ve been waiting for this day for far too long; but like my old man “Victorious” once said; patience…meow… I shall wait my time, hide in a place where no one will expect me; yes, a quiet place that no one will ever know….


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This is a cute and fun mini game, I liked it :) I would just add some kind of score and maybe levels to it, but its okay.